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Simple and precise.

What does outstanding pre-wall technology have to do to make life on-site easier? We discussed that very question with specialist planners and sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installers, and we incorporated the experts' suggestions into the development of Prevista. As a result, our new pre-wall system will make your planning and installation procedures much easier and enable you to work more precisely.

Viega Concealed Cistern Smart - Product Video

Invisble technology for tangible comfort.

Viega Concealed Cistern Smart - Installation Video

Flushing system that offers you design freedom.

Viega Visign for More 200

Mounting WC flush plate for Prevista

Viega Visign for More 205 sensitive, with LED lighting

Mounting WC flush plate for Prevista

  • Create accessory set electronic
  • Mounting the WC flush plates